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Special Offering of Madeira

Last night we hosted a Madeira Master Class with special guest Chris Blandy. We explored several Madeira including 10-year and vintage wines from Blandy’s, Leacock’s, and Cossart Gordon. We have a terrific selection of wines offered from the evening including several large formats. Don’t miss the opportunity to add these rare Madeira to your collection today.

Quantities are very limited, and all orders are subject to confirmation. All orders must be submitted by 12:00pm on October 23, 2018.

HDH Retail: 312.379.8710 • sales@hdhwine.com

Blandy’s Madeira
Sercial, 10 Years Old (500ml) $28
Verdelho, 10 Years Old (500ml) $28
Bual, 10 Years Old (500ml) $28
Malmsey, 10 Years Old (500ml) $28
1999 Malmsey Colheita (500ml) $45
1980 Terrantez (750ml) $199
1980 Terrantez (1.5L) $400
1977 Malmsey (750ml) $282
1977 Malmsey (1.5L) $563
1977 Malmsey (3L) $1,225
1957 Bual (750ml) $365
1957 Bual (1.5L) $730
1957 Bual (3L) $1,425

Leacock’s Madeira
2001 Tinta Negra Colheita (500ml) $45

Cossart Gordon Madeira
1997 Verdelho Colheita (500ml) $65
1989 Bual (750ml) $187
1985 Sercial (750ml) $209

All wines are being sold on a pre-sale basis and are subject to confirmation. Earliest anticipated arrival is December 2018.

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