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Jean-Louis Chave at HDH Retail

J.L. Chave produces wines of great caliber. The estate focuses on using traditional winemaking methods, utilizing low yields of perfectly ripe fruit with minimal oak and minimal intervention. Chave creates wines that are elegant, powerful and reflective of the noble Northern Rhône terroir.

HDH Retail has an exceptional selection of the benchmark Hermitage from Chave alongside the beautiful Saint-Joseph Rouge. Don’t wait to add these exceptional wines to your collection today.

HDH Retail: 312.379.8710 • sales@hdhwine.com

Hermitage, J.L. Chave
2013 (96-97 AG) $249/b
2014 (95 AG) $245/b
2015 (98-100 WA) $399/b
2016 (97 AG) $315/b

Hermitage Blanc, J.L. Chave
2014 (95 WA) $259/b
2015 (97-99 AG) $289/b

Saint-Joseph Rouge, J.L. Chave
2013 (93 AG) $65/b
2014 (92 WA) $65/b
2015 (94 AG) $89/b
2016 (94 AG) $65/b

J. L. Chave Selection
2012 Hermitage, Cuvée de Farconnet (17.5 JR) $55/b
2016 Saint-Joseph Blanc, Circa (92 AG) $26/b
2016 Saint-Joseph Rouge, Offerus (92 AG) $27/b
2017 Crozes-Hermitage, Silene (92 AG) $23/b
2017 Côtes du Rhône, Mon Coeur (90 AG) $17/b