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Current Headlines at HDH

BID NOW in the April 17 & 18 Burgundy auction [+]

Hart Davis Hart Wine Co. is pleased to announce their 9th annual A Celebration of Burgundy auction which will be held on Friday, April 17th and Saturday, April 18th. This standout sale, devoted exclusively to the wines of Burgundy, features over 2,500 lots that are... see more

Bruno Clair a HDH Retail [+]

HDH Retail has a fantastic selection of Burgundy from renowned producer Bruno Clair. One could say Bruno Clair is a vigneron’s vigneron. Though his wines are beloved worldwide, the respect he garners from fellow growers is even more impressive... see more

Mature Bordeaux at HDH Retail | Lafite, Latour, Palmer & More [+]

Buying wine is like growing old...the older it becomes, the better it is! Well you're in luck because HDH Retail has a wonderful selection of mature Bordeaux available for purchase... see more

Large Format Lafite, Margaux, Conterno, Eisele Vineyard, and More at HDH Retail [+]

HDH Retail has a fantastic selection of large format wines available, from magnums, double-magnums, jeroboams, imperials, as well as methuselahs... see more

Paul Pernot at HDH Retail [+]

HDH Retail has a fantastic selection of White Burgundy from legendary winemaker, Paul Pernot. Now in its seventh-generation with an estate that spans 23 hectares, it is run by Paul and Michel Pernot with their father, Paul Pernot... see more

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