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Robert Chevillon at HDH Retail
HDH Retail has a fantastic selection of wines from top Burgundy producer, Robert Chevillon, in stock and tariff-free. A family business for five generations and counting, brothers Bertrand and Denis Chevillon now hold the reins of this great estate. The brothers' innate ability to carefully tend the vines and provide ripe, healthy clusters even in the difficult Burgundian weather are one reason why their wines have a remarkable track record.

Our inventory includes a new selection of 2017s from the Domaine like the Nuits-St-Georges, Les Cailles which William Kelley from the Wine Advocate states "is one of the most elegant wines in the range." Don't wait to add several bottles to your collection today.
HDH Retail: 312.379.8710 • sales@hdhwine.com
Robert Chevillon - In stock and tariff-free
2013 Nuits-St-Georges, Roncières (90-92 AM) $89/b
2014 Nuits-St-Georges, Vieilles Vignes (16.5 JR) $59/b
2015 Nuits-St-Georges Blanc, Vieilles Vignes $75/b
2015 Nuits-St-Georges, Chaignots (91-93 WA) $109/b
2015 Nuits-St-Georges, Vieilles Vignes (89-91 AM) $75/b
2016 Nuits-St-Georges, Bousselots (91-93 WA) $119/b
2016 Nuits-St-Georges, Chaignots (93+ WA) $119/b
2016 Nuits-St-Georges, Les Perrières (92-94 WA) $129/b
2016 Nuits-St-Georges, Roncières (90-93 AG) $119/b
2016 Nuits-St-Georges, Vieilles Vignes (89-91 AM) $79/b
2017 Bourgogne Rouge $55/b
2017 Nuits-St-Georges, Bousselots (90 NM) $139/b
2017 Nuits-St-Georges, Chaignots (91 NM) $139/b
2017 Nuits-St-Georges, Les Cailles (93-95 WA) $189/b
2017 Nuits-St-Georges, Les Perrières (92-94 WA) $139/b
2017 Nuits-St-Georges, Les Pruliers (92-94+ WA) $139/b
2017 Nuits-St-Georges, Roncières (92-94 WA) $139/b
2017 Nuits-St-Georges, Vieilles Vignes (89-91 WA) $99/b