1. Close – will exit out of search, back to lot list
2. Sort by – sort by Lot #, Producers, Low estimate, high estimate, Vintage (oldest to youngest) and (youngest to oldest)
3. Categories – this option lets you pick just the categories you're interested in
4. Vintage – filter vintage search
5. Bottle Size – narrow search by selecting specific bottle size
1. Include Mixed Lots – by turning this off you will see only the non-mixed lots
2. Display Single Bottle Lots Only – Select this if you want to see only lots with one bottle
3. Display OWC/Cardboard Box lots only – filter to show only lots that have the OWC (original wood case) or OC (original cardboard box)

Display Lots with No Conditions Only – will only display lot that are in excellent condition, no issues with capsule, cork of label and levels.