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Viewing and Searching the Catalog

Your first view of the online catalog is presented in lot number order in sets of thirty lots.  You may change your results-per-page view to 20, 30, 50 or 100.  On the menu bar you can use the magnifying glass to search by name or vintage.  On the navigation bar you have two view modes. The first allows you to preview the details for each lot; the second allows you to view lots by their thumbnail images only. You can sort these views by Producer, Lot number or Low Estimate (low to high and high to low).  You may also filter by wine categories such as Champagne, Red Bordeaux, etc. To quickly find the lots you’re interested in, you can enter the lot number in the “Jump to Lot” field.  To navigate more quickly between pages, simply type in the page number you want to view.

Clicking on a lot will take you to its full description.  This will list the Wine Name, Producer, and quantity of bottles offered, as well as the price estimate for that lot.  You will also see condition notes and tasting notes, including ratings.

PDF and Excel spreadsheet versions of the printed catalog are available in the download section of this page.

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Watched Lots

Using the “Watched Lots” feature, you can set up a list of lots to track.  Simply place your mouse over the thumbnail image for the lot and click on the star in the upper right corner.  This will add the lot to your “Watched Lots” group, which you can then quickly access by clicking on the "Watched Lots" link in the menu bar. This allows you to easily place bids and/or track results for your watched lots throughout the auction.

Follow “Favorite Producers”
This is a new option which helps you track your favorite Producers. Note that you will be able to view past results as well as lots for upcoming auctions.

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Placing Bids

You will need to register and log in to place bids.  Please note that your login and password from www.hdhlive.com are no longer valid.  Simply use your login for www.hdhwine.com  to log into the new site.  Use the “Auctions” drop-down menu and select the auction for which you would like to register, then click on “Register to Bid” and verify your shipping and billing information.

To bid on a lot, click the “Place Bid” button to the right of the lot number, enter your bid amount for the lot and click the check mark button or hit the Enter key.  Note: if your bid is off-increment it will be rounded down to the nearest valid increment. If you’d like to modify or cancel a bid, just click the “Edit” button to the right of the bid. You can select the trashcan to cancel the bid or type new amount in and hit Enter to change the bid.

Your bids will be executed at the lowest possible price relative to competing bids. That is, if your bid is $1000 and the only other bid is $800, you will win the lot at $850, one increment above the competing bid. In the event of tie bids, the bid received first will take precedence.

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Bid Increments

In order to be processed, bids need to be submitted at the correct bid increment. If you submit an off-increment bid, you will receive a message stating the bid has been rounded down. Correct bid increments are as follows:

Please keep in mind that all lots are subject to reserves, a confidential minimum price below which the lot cannot be sold.

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My Bid Sheet

The “My Bids” page is where you can review all the lots on which you have placed bids.   Bid amounts can be revised or removed on this page by clicking the edit button.  "Either/Or" bids can be managed here as well, as will be discussed below.

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Either/Or Bids

"Either/Or" Bids are devised so you can place multiple bids on a group of lots where only a portion are desired. For example, if there are four lots of the same wine in the sale and you only want to win one of them, you could place an "Either/Or" bid on all four lots to increase your chances of success. Note that you can set any number of desired lots up to one less than the total number of lots in the group.

Please note that "Either/Or" Bids are a special type of bid and are never a requirement when bidding. Most often, the "Either/Or" field will be left blank.

To set up an "Either/Or" bid click on the box titled “Single Bid” and a dropdown menu will open. If this is your first group of bids you will see the option “New Group”. Select that and press the enter key or click the check mark. That box will now say Group A. Now as you add lots to that group you will be given an option to select the number of lots in that group you would like to win. Select “New Group” if you’d like to build another “Either/Or” group.

"Either/Or" Bids may be placed on any lots in the catalog. The lots do not need to be sequential, nor do they need to be the same wine.

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Spending Limit

If you would like to place a limit on your bidding, you may do so by going to the “My Bids” page. You will see “Add Spending Limit” to the right of the Auction name and your paddle number. Successful bids will only be executed up to the dollar amount of the limit you provide, exclusive of the 19.5% buyer's premium. Only one spending limit is permitted per auction. Any questions may be submitted to bids@hdhwine.com.

Please note that a limit should only be used when there are multiple bids on a single bid sheet; each bid represents the maximum you are willing to pay for a given lot, exclusive of the buyer’s premium. Lots are awarded at the lowest possible increment subject to competing bids.

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