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Michael Davis on “I’ll Drink To That!”

Hosted by Levi Dalton
Episode 202: September 23, 2014


Levi Dalton’s popular podcast, “I’ll Drink To That!,” was founded in 2012 and features more than 200 interviews with wine professionals from around the globe. The bi-weekly show is an incredible resource for wine professionals and enthusiasts alike, providing an insider’s view into the minds of respected sommeliers, vintners, importers, retailers and wine journalists. Episode 202, released on September 23, 2014, features Michael Davis.

Episode 202 covers Michael’s 30-year career in the wine business. Levi and Michael discuss the early days of the commercial wine market in the US, the first Napa Valley Wine Auction, Chicago’s historical importance in the wine auction world, current trends in the auction market, and the history of Hart Davis Hart. Michael’s signature humor and wit come through clearly in the interview, leading to an informative and funny show.

Levi’s log of podcasts is impressive: browsing through his past episodes one can find interviews with Jancis Robinson, Jean-Marc Roulot, Daniel Johnnes and Gaia Gaja, just to name a few. Regular listeners to “I’ll Drink To That!” know that Levi is a fantastic interviewer; his questions are insightful and well researched. On “I’ll Drink To That!,” Levi asks the questions we all want to know, but rarely have the opportunity to ask.


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