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HDH International Team

Hart Davis Hart prides itself on our dedication to providing our international clients with the same first class service they would receive if they were right next door to us in Chicago.

We have dedicated representatives covering major global geographic regions so that our clients can engage directly with an expert who is intimately familiar with the local market, language and shipping logistics

Gabriel Suk
Director, Asia-Pacific

Gabriel Suk先生2003年开始在中国生活,2005年涉足红酒行业。他可以说一口流利的普通话,并且是一个亚洲红酒市场方面的专家。他会定期在全亚范围内行高端的 品酒活动。

Mr. Suk has been living in China since 2003 and has been involved in the wine industry there since 2005. He is fluent in Mandarin and is an expert on Asian wine markets. He routinely organizes high end tastings throughout Asia.

Email Gabriel
+86 139 11 570 573
+852 9829 8906


Allan Frischman
South America

Com frequentes viagens ao Brasil desde 2001 e um progressivo conhecimento da Língua Portuguesa,o senhor Frischman tem trabalhado com os mais proeminentes colecionadores do país.

Mr. Frischman, who is proficient in Portuguese and is an experienced wine specialist, has traveled extensively to Brazil since 2001 and has worked with many of Brazil’s most prominent collectors.

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Nick Pagoria

En parlant couramment le français et avec son expérience à la maison des ventes renommée de Paris, Tajan S.A, M. Pagoria apporte une connaissance des marchés européens de vins fins et de la logistique pour les transporter en Europe.

Fluent in French and with experience at renowned Paris auction house Tajan, Mr. Pagoria brings a profound depth of understanding of European fine wine markets and shipping logistics to our European clients.

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