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Shipping FAQs
Contact the shipping department


1. When will you ship?
a. Once payment has cleared, most retail orders are processed within two business days and ship according to the date selected at the time of checkout.  If you need your order expedited, please contact the shipping department directly.
b. For auction orders please contact the shipping department to arrange delivery.
c. HDH will never ship your order until we have confirmation of a ship date and service level from you.

2. How am I billed for shipping?
a. If you are purchasing your wine from www.hdhwine.com you will have the opportunity to select a shipping method and ship date when you check out. At this time shipping charges are added.
b. If you are purchasing your wine through auction or wish to ship at a later date or by consolidated shipment you will be billed at the time of shipment.

3. How do you ship?
a. We repack all bottles into Styrofoam boxes specially designed to protect your wine in transit.
b. If your wine came with an original wooden case, we will always ship the wood in a separate box via ground service unless you request otherwise.
c. Most orders are shipped by a common carrier (FedEx or UPS) – you may select the service that best meets your needs at the time of checkout. You can view the ground service transit time map by clicking here.
d. For larger orders we may select a freight forwarder to transport your wine. Prices range depending on the size and weight of the shipment and time in transit.
e. Temperature controlled shipping is also available with a minimum charge of $750.

4. Can I pick up my wine at your cellar?
a. We recommend that you pick up at our state-of-the-art cellar; you may do so Monday-Friday 8:30AM-7PM. Please note that all invoices must be paid in full at the time of collection, and that we request notification at least one business day in advance.
b. Photo identification must be presented at the time of collection. If you have requested a proxy to pick-up on your behalf, you must notify HDH in writing (email is acceptable as long as it is the email address that we have on file) prior to the pick-up and your proxy must present photo identification; if these conditions are not met HDH will not release your purchase.

5. What if it’s too hot/too cold? What if my area is experiencing extreme weather?
a. We do not ship in extremely hot or cold temperatures. The parameters for the safe shipment of wine is above 20°F and below 80°F. If your wine is scheduled to ship in extreme weather, we will contact you to discuss your shipment options. We offer free short term storage in our temperature controlled cellar for up to 60 days.
b. We do not recommend shipping your wine during periods of extreme weather. If you would like to ship during extreme weather conditions we will be happy to oblige but will request a waiver prior to shipment. Neither HDH nor its shippers are responsible for damage or delay due to weather conditions.

6. Where do you ship?  Why does it cost more to ship to some areas than to others?
a. Domestic shipping laws vary by state, and they change frequently; as such we may not be able to ship to some states. If you place an order in a state with restrictions we will contact you regarding your shipping options. As purchaser you are responsible for complying with the laws in your state regarding shipping as well as any applicable excise, use, and sales taxes related to the purchase of these wines.
b. Because of the variance between state laws and taxation schemes, cost to ship is not standard throughout the country.  Please contact the shipping department with any questions you might have.
c. We ship internationally, but once again laws vary. Please contact us for more information if you would like to ship outside the United States.

7. Can you leave my wine at the door?
a. Absolutely not.  An adult at least 21 years of age must be present to sign for your shipment; if there is not an adult present when your wine is delivered, the shipper will not leave your package.
b. Please make sure your wine is being delivered to an address where someone will be available to sign during standard business hours. Business and commercial addresses are ideal because someone is almost always available to sign.

8. What if my wine is returned?
a. HDH will be happy to reship your wine, however please be aware that you will be billed an additional shipping charge.

9. What if I am buying a gift for someone else?
a. All shipments of alcohol legally require a person of 21 years or older to sign for receipt. As such please make sure that your gift recipient will be available to receive your shipment.
b. We strongly encourage you to provide a phone number or other contact information for your gift recipient. Please also consider sending gifts to business addresses as this makes it more likely your recipient will be home to receive your gift.
c. HDH will make one shipping attempt* for all gift orders unless otherwise requested. If an order is returned, HDH reserves the right to return the order to stock and credit your account, minus the cost of shipping. If you would like HDH to make additional attempts at delivery you may request this in writing. No more than three attempts will be made for any one shipment.

* Shipments by UPS include 3 delivery attempts after which your order will be returned to HDH. All other shipping methods (e.g., messenger) will only make one delivery attempt.

10. Do you provide insurance?
a. Insurance is included standard with all purchases. In some instances there may be an additional fee for high-value shipments; this fee will be added automatically unless you request otherwise. Insurance covers loss or breakage only and never any damage resulting from weather conditions.
b. If you arrange your own shipment with a third-party shipper you are responsible for insuring your wine.

11. What if I receive my order and there are minor scuffs or damage?
a. HDH makes every effort to protect your wine during shipment; however there is always the potential for minor damage during transit. Deterioration from scuffed labels, cracked wax capsules, minor seepage and the like are not covered by insurance.