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Top Champagne Including Billecart-Salmon, Cristal, Pol Roger & More
Our inventory at HDH Retail includes Champagne from some of the region’s top Houses. Don’t miss out on offerings from Billecart-Salmon including new arrival 2006 Cuvée Nicolas François Billecart and 2007 Rosé, Cuvée Elisabeth. Large formats of the anniversary Cuvée 200 are also available. This Pinot Noir dominant limited release was created in celebration of Billecart’s 200th anniversary and exhibits notes of red apple, nougat, and citrus with smoky mineral notes and bright acidity. Just 1,818 magnums and 18 jeroboams were produced.

Also available is a multi-vintage Salon Assortment which includes two bottles of 2004, 2 bottles of 2006, 2 bottles of 2007, and a single magnum of the 2008 vintage.

Additional selections include the 2008 Taittinger, Comtes de Champagne, Blanc de Blancs, 2009 Pol Roger, Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill, and the 2012 Louis Roederer, Cristal.

Don’t wait to add these wonderful Champagnes to your cellar today.
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* Earliest anticipated arrival is Spring 2021
** Ex-France; earliest anticipated availability is Spring 2021
André Clouet
2008 Le Clos $335/mag
NV Brut Rosé, No 3 (90 WA) $45/b | $115/mag
NV Brut, V6 Experience $59/b
NV Cuvée 1911 (16 JR) $89/b
NV Grand Réserve (90 WA) $39/b | $89/mag
NV Silver Brut Nature (91 AG) $42/b | $95/mag

2006 Cuvée Nicolas François Billecart (97 WA) $125/b
2007 Rosé, Cuvée Elisabeth (97 WA) $175/b
NV Brut Réserve (90 AG) $45/b
NV Brut Rosé (92 AG) $75/b | $169/mag
NV Cuvée 200 $1,225/mag | $2,885/jero

2004 R.D. (97 WA) $209/b
2007 R.D.* $249/b
NV PN VZ15 (93 WA) $225/mag

2004 Celebris Extra Brut (94 AG) $155/b
2006 Grand Millésime Brut (93 WA) $99/b
2007 Celebris Rosé (93 AG) $185/b
2012 Grand Millésime Brut (94+ WA) $89/b

2012 Brut Rosé (93 WA) $99/b
NV Brut Rosé (92 AG) $65/b

J. Lassalle
2005 Brut, Cuvée Speciale (92 AG) $79/b
2009 Brut, Cuvée Angeline (91 AM) $75/b
NV Brut, Imperial Preference $39/b
NV Brut, Rosé (93 WA) $59/b

2006 Clos du Mesnil $1,125/b

2008 Brut (95 JS) $69/b
NV Brut, "La Cuvée" $85/mag
NV Grand Siècle (93 JS) $139/b | $275/mag
Louis Roederer
2002 Cristal (99 AG) $345/b
2012 Cristal** (98 AG) $225/b

Marguet Père et Fils
2010 Brut, Sapience, Premier Cru** $145/b
2015 Brut, Avize & Cramant Grand Cru** $85/b
2015 Extra Brut, Ambonnay, Grand Cru** $65/b
2015 Extra Brut, Aÿ, Grand Cru** $85/b
NV Extra Brut, Shaman 17, Grand Cru** $55/b
NV Extra Brut, Shaman Rosé 17, Grand Cru** $55/b

Paul Bara
2005 Blanc de Noirs, L'Annonciade (93 AG) $205/b
2013 Special Club Rosé $129/b
NV Brut Grand Rosé (91 AM) $55/b
NV Brut Reserve, Grand Cru (91+ AM) $47/b

Pol Roger
2006 Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill (95 WA) $255/b
2009 Brut Rosé (92 JS) $95/b
2009 Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill (95+ WA) $255/b
2012 Brut (94+ WA) $95/b
2012 Brut Rosé (94+ WA) $105/b
NV Brut Reserve (92 JS) $39/b


MV Assortment (2004 (2 bs); 2006 (2 bs); 2007 (2 bs); 2008 (1 mag))* $8,500/case

2008 Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs (99 JS) $195/b