HDH Wine

Domaine Leflaive, Clos de Tart
and Domaine Faiveley
Burgundy Tasting

Event description


At HDH, we always look forward to pairing up with Wilson Daniels, one of the preeminient marketers and distributors of fine wine and spirits in the US. The Wilson Daniels portfolio shows remarkable breadth and a keenness for selecting only the top estates, as was very much revealed in the wines of the evening: Domaine Leflavie, Clos de Tart, and Domaine Faiveley. The Balsan Room, at the stunningly exquisite Elysian Hotel, provided an atmosphere that was at once both intimate and convivial.

It was hard not to immediately gravitate towards the white Burgundies from Domaine Leflaive. Time and time again these wines capture the essence of Burgundy’s terroir. From the rich and elegantly perfumed 2008 Bienvenues Bâtard-Montrachet to lithe 2008 Puligny-Montrachet, these wines all revealed a distinct sense of place.

Clos de Tart, the much fabled monopole of Mommessin, showed equally as strong with a sampling of vintages ranging from 1997 to 2007. Common to all of these wines was the presence of ripe fruit and an elegant counter-balance of earth and spice. Paired with the charcuterie, Clos de Tart, an already a brilliant wine, was raised to an even higher level.

Lastly, we enjoyed a pair of 2006’s from Domaine Faiveley, the Mazi-Chambertin and the Latricieres-Chambertin. As Brian Lynch from Wilson Daniels jokingly commented, “These are my mortality wines,” suggesting that given the longevity of these wines, they may very well surpass our own alotted time. Strikingly, they were immensely approachable, offering up plenty fruit, cocoa, and spice. Only towards the finish did the tannis reveal themselves, giving one the sense that these wines have plenty of stuffing to keep growing.

This event was a delightful reminder as to the many ways in which excellent Burgundy can charm, enagage, and entice.


Jim Bradshaw
Warehouse Manager