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The Wines of Dominique Lafon

The Domaine des Comtes Lafon’s holdings include some of the finest and most famous vineyards in Meursault, Volnay, and Montrachet. Dominique Lafon – who took the helm of the family domaine in 1984 – brings the fruits of these parcels to their utmost potential and is considered one of the masters of Meursault. Dominque has a reputation for flexibility and innovation, and carefully marries elements of tradition with new techniques in an ideal combination for each vintage. What’s more, the domaine features some of the coldest and deepest cellars in Burgundy, which allows for prolonged aging.

Comtes Lafon wines are characterized by remarkable concentration, balance, and complexity. Since 1998 it has been producing bio-dynamic wines. The 2015s demonstrate the pureness of the terroir, with balanced acidity and fruit. HDH Retail is pleased to offer a selection of wines from this age-worthy domaine including the
2014 Montrachet, 2015 Meursault, Gouttes d'Or, and 2015 Meursault, Les Perrières. Don’t miss the chance to add several bottles to your collection today.

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Comtes Lafon
2014 Meursault, Bouchères (91+ AG) $249
2014 Meursault, Desirée (17 JR) $189
2014 Monthélie, les Duresses (16+ JR) $69
2014 Montrachet (98 WA) $2,199 (SOLD OUT)
2015 Meursault (90 AG) $145
2015 Meursault, Clos de la Barre (91-92 AG) $189
2015 Meursault, Desirée (17 JR) $205
2015 Meursault, Gouttes d'Or (17 JR) $259
2015 Meursault, Le Porusot (91-93 AM) $255
2015 Meursault, Les Genevrières (94 AG) $365
2015 Meursault, Les Perrières (94+ AG) $475 (SOLD OUT)
2015 Volnay, Champans (92 AG) $169
2015 Volnay, Santenots du Milieu (93 AG) $175

All prices listed are single bottle prices.
Many wines listed are being sold on a pre-sale basis.
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